Bedford Magazine - Winter 2012

Georgian on His Mind by Jennifer Moore Stahlkrantz

"We were living in a wonderful, old house we loved,” explains John Walker, a classical architecture enthusiast and lifelong student of all things Jeffersonian. “I had always wanted to build a house and had been storing up ideas for a long time.” After years of searching for buildable land within the Village, Walker and his wife, Caroline, expanded their radius and, in due time, received a call from their real estate agent, Frank Haymson, about an eight-acre property adjacent to St. Matthews Episcopal Church. “St. Matthew’s is an important part of our lives, and the land was breathtaking, so we were thrilled when our bid was accepted,” the retired corporate attorney continues. “We couldn’t wait to get started.”

Having completed several renovations during the 21 years they lived in their Village Colonial, the Walkers had been impressed by a recent addition to the Fellowship Hall at St. Matthews. Designed by Ralph R. Mackin Architects and built by DPD Builders, the final product spoke volumes about the team’s attention to detail. “Ralph has an amazing eye and understood that we wanted to be intimately involved in our design. When we hired him, he assigned Darren Mercer as the project architect, and it was a brilliant match. Darren was a master; he took our ideas and brought them to life,” John adds.

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“Every time we ran into a challenge individually and wondered how we would solve it, we worked together and came up with a better solution. That’s where having a great architect and a great builder made this a pleasure.”

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